Core Subjects EC-6 Individual Subject Area Courses

English Language Arts and Reading, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Fine Arts

These interactive digital courses are aligned with the state competencies to give you concise, clear information you need to know to pass your test. Each course also has realistic sample test questions to help you check your understanding. You may enroll in individual courses if you are re-testing, or enroll in all if you need to take the entire exam. The creator of these courses has passed the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and is confident that if you carefully study and understand the material in the courses, you will pass too!

Core Subjects EC-6 Situational Questions Course

Are you struggling to pass the Core Subjects EC-6 exam?  Or maybe you have not taken it yet and are nervous.  This course will prepare you to answer situational questions correctly, which we estimate to be about 20 to 25 percent of the exam.  This course will teach you what we cover in online tutoring, but you will have unlimited access to review it as often as you would like!  A one hour tutoring session costs $54, so this course is a great value at $29.

Courtney Schonefeld

Author and Owner

Courtney Schonefeld has passed 11 TExES exams on her first attempt, including the Core Subjects EC-6 exam. She has more than 10 years of experience tutoring people to help them pass their exams. She provides high quality digital courses, digital study guides, sample tests, and phone tutoring to help others pass their exam.